who am i.
First of all, Hello Mate! My name is Emre and I'm 23 years old. I live in Ankara/Turkey. In the last years of secondary school, my interest in the world of informatics started. I've been learning since then. I'm open to improving myself in this profession and I'm working to become an experienced developer.
And I enjoy learning new things!
What I like to do and my hobbies are:
I love watching Movies and TV Series. And I like to talk to people about them. If you want to see the movies I watched and my watch list: My Letterboxd Account
I love playing computer games since childhood. It's something I can never give up. If you are interested in games, you can check My Steam Account for the games I play and add me as a friend.
Also, I have to say that finding new songs and creating playlists on Spotify are among my hobbies. You can check My Spotify Account for playlists.